Instrumental Contemporary Music Course: Why?

Throughout my extensive teaching career, I’ve always harbored the idea of crafting a unique methodology for composing contemporary instrumental music. Today, that dream has become a reality, and I’m thrilled to share with you what I consider to be a significant contribution for students. This course transcends the ordinary, created by and for musicians who aim to elevate their mastery of the musical language. Allow me to walk you through the exceptional skills you’ll acquire by immersing yourself through this experience.

What a Contemporary Music Composer Should Know about our Instrumental Contemporary Music Course:

1. Mastery of Harmony:

You’ll delve into the art of mastering harmony, refining your skills to unprecedented levels. From fundamental principles to intricate structures, our course will push and elevate your musical comprehension to new heights, enabling you to master harmony with unparalleled proficiency.

2. Future Development of Musical Phrases and Structures:

You’ll progress in crafting musical phrases and intricate structures. Learn how to create compositions that captivate and challenge critical analysis, laying a solid foundation for your musical advancement.

3. Harmonic Renewal of Existing Songs:

Acquire techniques to rejuvenate existing songs, infusing them with new life and perspective. Experiment with various styles to enrich your musical perception, opening doors for limitless creative renewal.

4. Development of Improvisation in Modern Language:

Develop the art of improvising in contemporary musical language, unlocking your creativity and allowing for unique expression in each musical moment. Your improvisational skills will evolve, guiding your musicality into uncharted territories.

5. Discover Your Personal Style in Contemporary Music:

This course transcends mere techniques; it’s designed to help you discover and refine your distinctive compositional style. Cultivate originality and individual expression, paving the way for you to find your unique voice in musical creation. Your musical journey will unfold as an authentic and distinctive narrative.

6. Forging a Community of Tireless Creators:

With all of this, we aim to build a community of tireless creators in the studio, a platform for sharing knowledge, and an endless source for exploring and delving into this infinite musical language. Musicians and creators alike have much to impart, and we eagerly invite you to join us on this boundless musical odyssey. Discover the musical revolution and unleash your creativity!

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Polo Ortí

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  • Composition – Instrumental Contemporary Music

    We will deepen our knowledge of Harmony, Melody and Rhythm through the analysis of my own musical compositions. We´ll deal intensively with Re-harmonization and Improvisation techniques, inextricably linked to composition.

    You will be able to develop your ideas and acquire your own language or musical style by using everything you know and all I am going to teach you.

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  • Basic Keyboard

    This manual is aimed at all those musicians (students and professionals) who are not pianists.

    I think that this practice will help you a lot to get started in the world of keys because these are not exercises from the classical manuals, but small pieces of music that can inspire you.

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