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Instrumental Contemporary Music

Composition Course

BLOCK IV Assignment

All student compositions will be reviewed, and they will receive personalized feedback from Polo Ortí.


Create a composition that lasts a minimum of 3 minutes and a maximum of 10 minutes, incorporating all the techniques presented in this fourth block. Include elements from the previous blocks to appreciate these new techniques.

The composition must be presented in both audio (mp3) and sheet music.
The sheet music format can be presented with chord notation and melody, or without chord notation but displaying the musical notation, or both.

The maximum file size is 10M


  • Compose a section of the theme using at least three modes of the major scale (e.g., C Lydian, C Aeolian, and C Mixolydian).
  • Include chords from the Melodic Minor scale, at least four, chosen from the six primary ones. At that moment, the melody should be in the corresponding Melodic Minor scale.
  • Include sections where the melody belongs to a symmetric diminished scale related to a dominant b9 chord and harmonize it with one of the voicings from lesson 16.
  • Use, during a section of the musical piece, parallel chords obtained from the augmented scale, by whole tones (e.g., Abmaj7 – Cmaj7- Emaj7 or Dbmaj7-Ebmaj7-Fmaj7). Minor chords or a combination of both can also be used (e.g., Fmaj7-Gmaj7-Amaj7-Ab7sus4-Dbmaj7, in this case, there has been modulation through the dominant to Db major).
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