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Instrumental Contemporary Music

Composition Course

BLOCK I  Assignment

All student compositions will be reviewed, and they will receive personalized feedback from Polo Ortí.


Create a musical piece that lasts a minimum of 2 minutes and a maximum of 10 minutes, using all the techniques that have been presented in this first block.
The composition must be presented in both audio (mp3) and sheet music.
The sheet music format can be presented with chord notation and melody, or without chord notation but with musical notation, or both. It must be specified at each moment which technique is being used.

The proposed composition should include the following elements:

  • At least, it must contain a harmonic movement from tension to relaxation in the key of C major (e.g: G13 Sus4 (add3) to Cmaj7)
  • Add a Plagal cadence, Fmaj7 to Cmaj7
  • Use the circle of fifths starting at minute 6:22 or another of your choice.
  • Create a connection, at least, of a secondary dominant and a substitute dominant between two degrees of the major scale.
  • Use four bars, combining chords of modal interchange (e.g: Ionian-Aeolian: Cmaj7- Abmaj7 or Fmaj7 – Bb7 Sus4).*
  • Include a modulation through dominant Sus4 chords from Cmaj7 to Bbmaj7 and back to Cmaj7 (the modulation can be extended if desired)
  • Finally, incorporate an ascending or descending bassline (it can be chromatic) applying the techniques explained in Lesson Number 7, also taking advantage of elements from previous lessons.

The rhythm of the exercise is freely chosen by the student.

*The piece will be more valuable if the modal interchange progression is done by ascending or descending stepwise degrees.

**The maximun file size is 10M

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