Please, before making any purchase or contracting any of the courses offered by CYM COMPOSING YOUR MUSIC, read this document on the General Contractual Terms of the course, which you accept upon formalizing the same.

1. Identification

The content of the website and its domain name are owned by INVENTOS CULTURALES, S.L. (hereinafter CYM COMPOSING YOUR MUSIC), with tax ID number B56814643, located at Avda. de Canarias 4, 38410 Los Realejos – Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Spain). You can contact the company via email at

2. Purpose of this Document

These General Contractual Terms expressly regulate the relationships arising between CYM COMPOSING YOUR MUSIC and the students and/or Users who contract and/or acquire the courses and materials offered on the website

These General Terms must always be complemented with the Legal Notice, as well as any other Specific or Additional Contractual Terms that may be established in each case, and in any case with Spanish Legislation.

CYM COMPOSING YOUR MUSIC may, at any time and without prior notice, modify these General Purchase Terms, as well as any Specific Terms that may be included, by publishing such modifications on the website so that they can be known and accepted by new Users/Students.

3. Acceptance of this Document

Acceptance and confirmation of this document when contracting the course, making the User a Student, implies the acceptance of each and every one of the points of these General Terms in force at that time, as well as any specific terms if applicable.

The user declares that they are of legal age and have the necessary legal capacity to use this website in accordance with the General Terms stated here, which they fully comprehend and understand; as well as to contract the Course in which they are interested.

4. Information prior to Contracting

CYM COMPOSING YOUR MUSIC informs that the processes of purchasing courses, and thus the user’s participation as a student, are carried out as follows. CYM COMPOSING YOUR MUSIC currently offers various courses that are governed by the following terms. CYM COMPOSING YOUR MUSIC may expand the training catalog at any time, which will also be governed by this document. If there are different conditions, the specific conditions will be established.

Both the course details, price, and other conditions are published along with the course advertisement on the website.

The course can be contracted at any time and enjoyed from that moment, accessing the material and lessons. There is one year to enjoy the content and complete the contracted Course.

Payment can be made in full or through installment payments. In the case of installment payments, the user is aware that the installment is not made with CYM COMPOSING YOUR MUSIC, but with the contracted payment gateway and therefore must be made according to the conditions of the payment platform.

The user is responsible for treating passwords provided by CYM COMPOSING YOUR MUSIC confidentially and safeguarding them appropriately to prevent unauthorized access by third parties. The password cannot be used in the terms of point 7 of the Legal Notice on the website.

5. Specific Regime for Courses

The contracted Course consists of lessons, exams, tasks, etc., depending on what has been contracted; the details appear in the Course information. Once it is completed, a Diploma signed by CYM COMPOSING YOUR MUSIC will be obtained as proof of completion.

The purchased Course may have tasks for the student. In this case, the tasks may be considered copyrighted works. In this case, by providing tasks for correction, CYM COMPOSING YOUR MUSIC does not hold copyrights to them. The student does not transfer rights to these tasks to CYM COMPOSING YOUR MUSIC, only those necessary for their evaluation and correction.

Once the Course is purchased, there is one year of access to the content to enjoy it and complete it. CYM COMPOSING YOUR MUSIC is not responsible if the course is not completed within the specified time.

6. Formalization of the Purchase Agreement


It is necessary to be of legal age to become a Student. Additionally, you must register and provide certain personal data (governed by the Privacy Policy of the Website). The supply of false data or identity theft is prohibited.

From the moment of filling out the data and paying the price, the individual becomes a Student and can access the documentation.


CYM COMPOSING YOUR MUSIC will display the courses offered at any given time, as well as their price and all information.

CYM COMPOSING YOUR MUSIC reserves the right to decide at any time which Courses are part of CYM COMPOSING YOUR MUSIC. Thus, CYM COMPOSING YOUR MUSIC may add new products to those included at any time, which will be governed by the General Terms in force at that time. Likewise, CYM COMPOSING YOUR MUSIC reserves the right to stop providing access, at any time and without prior notice, to any of the offered Courses (always respecting previously acquired commitments). CYM COMPOSING YOUR MUSIC reserves the right to make any modifications it deems appropriate at any time and without prior notice, being able to update products and services daily based on the market.


In accordance with point 7 of the Legal Notice on, the copyrights of the courses and the works contained on the website belong to CYM COMPOSING YOUR MUSIC.

When purchasing the course or any material, what is acquired is a license to use the materials (and works subject to copyright) to complete the course, and they can be used and consulted as much as desired. However, no rights are transferred, and therefore they cannot be reproduced, distributed, or publicly communicated without authorization or transferred to a third party; doing so may result in a crime regulated by the Penal Code and/or an unlawful act regulated by copyright laws.

CYM COMPOSING YOUR MUSIC grants the Student one year of access to the content to view and use it to complete the Course. After the deadline, access to the content will no longer be available.


Upon purchasing the selected Course, the Student will have the right to direct access to the exclusive and original material contracted for the Course.


The language in which the purchase will be completed between the Student and CYM COMPOSING YOUR MUSIC is Spanish, although the material is available in both Spanish and English.


The Course price is indicated and advertised, but the amount is gross and does not include applicable taxes in the specific case. The final price, including taxes, will appear at the end of the purchase.


The payment methods allowed by CYM COMPOSING YOUR MUSIC are:

a) Through the Stripe Payment Platform.
b) Through the Paypal Payment Platform.

Once the purchase is made, the user will see the order confirmation on the screen, and they can print it as a purchase receipt. The order confirmation and purchase receipt (printed by the user) are not valid as an invoice.

CYM COMPOSING YOUR MUSIC reserves the right to cancel orders based on errors, or orders with incorrect or incomplete shipping addresses. CYM COMPOSING YOUR MUSIC will inform the Student of this whenever possible.


CYM COMPOSING YOUR MUSIC allows the Student to cancel the order at any time from the order to fourteen days after the purchase or formalization of the Course (or other material offered on the website) if they have not accessed its content. Therefore, the Student may withdraw in the first fourteen days from the purchase, provided the Course has not started and they have not accessed it. Once the student accesses the material, they will no longer have the right of withdrawal and a refund.

7. Obligations and Rights of CYM COMPOSING YOUR MUSIC

CYM COMPOSING YOUR MUSIC guarantees good service and all the rights guaranteed to consumers and users.

CYM COMPOSING YOUR MUSIC makes every effort within its possibilities to provide information on the website truthfully and without typographical errors. In the event of any typographical error, beyond the will of CYM COMPOSING YOUR MUSIC, immediate correction will be made. If there is a typographical error in any of the displayed prices and if a client has made a purchasing decision based on that error, CYM COMPOSING YOUR MUSIC will communicate the error, and the customer will have the right to rescind their purchase at no cost to them.

CYM COMPOSING YOUR MUSIC reserves the right to cancel orders based on errors or orders with incorrect or incomplete shipping addresses. CYM COMPOSING YOUR MUSIC will inform the customer whenever possible.

8. Responsibilities of the Student

The Student undertakes to make lawful use of the service that CYM COMPOSING YOUR MUSIC offers, not contradicting applicable laws, good customs, morality, public order, or the rights of third parties. The Student guarantees the truthfulness and accuracy of the provided data.

Failure to comply with these obligations may result in the withdrawal or cancellation of the services offered by CYM COMPOSING YOUR MUSIC, and the Student will not be entitled to compensation.

9. Personal Data

Upon registration and when formalizing the purchase, the User provides CYM COMPOSING YOUR MUSIC with certain personal data. It is necessary to read and accept the Privacy Policy.

10. Jurisdiction and Applicable Law

This contract will be governed by Spanish law, which will apply to matters not covered by this contract in terms of interpretation, validity, and execution. The parties expressly waive any jurisdiction that may correspond to them and submit expressly to the courts of Santa Cruz de Tenerife for the resolution of any dispute that may arise from the interpretation or execution of these contractual conditions.

In Santa Cruz de Tenerife, on December 14, 2023.