I am going to talk about music in its most intrinsic language. I define the action of COMPOSING as the creation of a musical structure (or piece) that combines various elements based on in-depth knowledge of the rules of music, so that then… …THEY CAN BE TRANSCENDED

Because COMPOSING is creating, investigating, evolving…

Our nature is creative. We are beings with creative capacity, from the moment we are born until we die.

Neither machines, nor AI, nor anything without heart, soul or INSPIRATION could replace the intimate and powerful emotions that ART awakens in all its expressions.

COMPOSING is the most creative activity in Music

All those works or songs that have prevailed through the centuries and that sound timeless are the result of the work of sensitive women and men who studied and worked hard, to develop their creative potential and thus obtain results.

Yes, to the use of technology, no to abuse

Certainly, we must make “good use” of machines and all those tools that facilitate our creative work in music. Technology is always welcome if it does not replace the human soul. To compose, one must work, study, listen, research, create or undo. Dedicate time and patience to it. But above all, enjoy the action itself and not the easy pursuit of the result. Not in fleeting and hollow success.

The profession of being musicians

We must be honest, first, with ourselves when composing because, in the end, the Truth recognizes the traps. Perhaps we have chosen a very difficult profession due to its limited professional opportunities in this global market where there is so much falsehood and interference. But without a doubt, I believe that being a musician and composer is a wonderful life choice if we manage, at least, for our music to make one person feel the magic in their heart.

The message of Music

My great teacher and idol, Lyle Mays (pianist & composer for the Pat Metheny Group), once told me that our work as musicians and composers was to uplift the spirits of all people through music, and we should be aware of this great responsibility. Because with our music, we enhance people’s lives, giving them hope, peace, and companionship, among many other things.

Polo Ortí

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Musical Composition Structures

Musical Composition Structures

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  • Composition – Instrumental Contemporary Music

    We will deepen our knowledge of Harmony, Melody and Rhythm through the analysis of my own musical compositions. We´ll deal intensively with Re-harmonization and Improvisation techniques, inextricably linked to composition.

    You will be able to develop your ideas and acquire your own language or musical style by using everything you know and all I am going to teach you.

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  • Basic Keyboard

    This manual is aimed at all those musicians (students and professionals) who are not pianists.

    I think that this practice will help you a lot to get started in the world of keys because these are not exercises from the classical manuals, but small pieces of music that can inspire you.

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