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CYM is much more than an online academy.

It is the place where professional musicians and students can acquire knowledge outside of conventional academic programs.

You will receive high-level training through  methods and manuals developed by great international musicians.

Do you feel like your mind is blocked?

Do you need to review, organize, and update your knowledge?

Are you missing that spark of inspiration to create your own music?

At CYM, we will give you the ultimate boost to get excited again and inspire others with your music!


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At your own pace

Unique methods

Master´s in Composition

Instrumental Contemporary Music

Method by POLO ORTÍ


Master Professor at Berklee School of Music for 10 years

In this Master’s program, we will delve into the study of harmony and melody in a simple and direct manner. I will help you organize your theoretical knowledge and show you a new universe of voicings, bass lines, modal interchange, and progressions to use in your music.
Additionally, we will thoroughly explore new techniques of reharmonization and improvisation applied to composition.
You will achieve greater fluency in developing your ideas and will be able to define your own musical language or style using everything you already know and what I will teach you.

5 Blocks / 22 lessons

Spanish Subtitles

500 hours of study and practice.

Downloadable Study Materials. Quizzes and practical exercises

Forums and Personal Tutoring. Live Webinars

Certificate of completion

Practice Manual

Basic Keyboard




This manual is aimed at all those musicians (students and professionals) who are not pianists. Also can do it, Piano Students (Adults and Children).

This practice will help you get started in the world of keys because these are not exercises from classic manuals, but rather small and original musical pieces that will inspire you.

28 Scores

28 original songs (3 levels) with 3 audios

Solo Piano

Piano & Arrangement

Backing tracks (only arrangement)

Polo Ortí


Polo Ortí is a musician from Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain) who has a classical and jazz background. While undertaking his Piano degree, Polo investigated current music: progressive rock, jazz, fusion, etc. All of this made him an outstanding student, not only in terms of his knowledge of music theory but also due to his great skill as a performer.

Polo Ortí composed his first piece of music at the age of 7. His career as a performer is linked to his enormous ability to create music.

For more than 40 years, Polo Ortí has forged a long and extensive career combining concerts, collaborating with other musicians, and making his recordings as a solo artist, always in combination with teaching music.

His students have said:

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Start improving your composing technics with his unique method.

The MUSICIANS he has collaborated with have said:

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Instrumental Contemporary Music

Composition Master

by Polo Ortí

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